Unscrupulous supervillains, a violent man-gator, a pyrokinetic gangster, an incompetent boomerang-wielding robber, and supposedly mentally insane miscreants embark on a suicide mission to snatch a priceless stolen kryptonite shard.
Produced by Bestow TV in association with Together Brothers Productions
Writer - Brian Lesyk
Director - Eric Moran
Cinematography - Paul Sanders
Editor - Paul Sanders
Stunt Coordinator - Raymond H. Blong 
Photographers - Corey Morgan. Justin Droba, Lamont Abrams
Brian Lesyk - El Diablo
Eric "The Smoke" Moran - Deadshot
Jamila Howard - Enchantress
Shaun Oliphant - Killer Croc
Kevin DiPlacido - Rick Flagg
Myra Evans - Amanda Waller
Joseph N. Valentino - Slipknot
Nicholas LeVasseur - Boomerang
Sarah Palomino - Katana
Kirk Flash Disla - Joker
Jennifer Quinzel Disla - Harley Quinn
Hood - Raymond H. Blong
Hood 2 - Antonio Evans
The preceding is a work of fan fiction using characters from the DC Comics Suicide Squad world, which is trademarked by DC Comics, Inc.  The characters portrayed herein are created and owned by DC Comics, Inc., and we do not claim any ownership over them or the world of Suicide Squad.

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