Paul Sanders continues to actively broaden his background in video and film production. His start was in independent films from Chaos Entertainment's "Drawing Down the Moon" as well as Anthracite Film's "Daybreak". Following the closure of CableRep advertising in central Pennsylvania in 2003, Paul continued producing commercials with his own start up, Bestow Productions. During this time he earned multiple awards including: NEPA Addy Award, 2 Silver Communicator awards, Gold Pixie Award, 2 Gold EMPixx Awards, Platinum EMPixx Award (in association with Arch Nemesis Entertainment), 3 Bronze Telly awards and a Silver People's Telly Award.
Bestow TV's web series's will continue to participate in the People's Telly Awards as well as several Film Festivals into 2017. Also, within the new year, Creative Continuity will present a special cross over with Mr. Lobo's Cinema Insomnia with a tour of Troma Entertainment. Bonus Content ended it's run at the end of 2016 with a series finale by taking a retrospective look into the four year run. A spiritual successor called Cos-Tunes will take over in 2017 along with a brand new series called Fanational. Paul along with Bestow TV is joining forces with Asylum Convention and Entertainment Services (ACES) to further expand his convention coverage and expand the library of titles on Bestow TV's YouTube/web site.
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